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New Year, New Office

Our new office in Waterloo (taken on a smartphone, better pictures to follow)

From Monday, Surveylab will be based in a lovely new office in Waterloo (in London). The office is brand new, the old building was completely gutted and has been transformed with an Alice in Wonderland theme throughout the reception, meeting rooms and common areas. We can't wait to settle in to our offices on the third floor. Pictures to follow very soon - this one was taken on my mobile … [Read more...]

Does a pay rise affect motivation at work?

How Score Indexes are affected by payrise

A common problem we have observed and heard from others is that bonuses set an expectation, and when they don't turn up the employee is duly upset. An article published in HR Magazine yesterday mirrors research we have recently completed, that job satisfaction is better than a bonus, say employees. In brief, the article reports bonuses have no impact on the motivation and commitment levels for … [Read more...]

The cynic and the employee survey

"Nothing ever happens" This is a very common view amongst detractors of employee surveys. Visit any forum or LinkedIn group discussing employee engagement or people management and you'll quickly find a post saying how rubbish surveys are. Yes, I get it. Engagement isn't a project that Management can get done, ticked off, move on. Yet surveys are incredibly easy to setup, knock out a few … [Read more...]

Is Employee Engagement important to managers?


We have just closed our second UK Workplace Survey, where we conduct a survey to a random sample of employees across the UK to review opinion and engagement in the workplace. We use it for more than just engagement scores (or benchmarks if you prefer), and this year we took the opportunity to explore engagement in a different way. Just 1 in 5 have heard of "Employee Engagement" We asked … [Read more...]

Win a ticket to the CIPD 2013 Conference!

The CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition takes place on the 6th and 7th November in Manchester. Surveylab have a stand at the exhibition (which is free to attend), and also have 1 free conference ticket to give away to 1 lucky reader! Last year was our first time exhibiting at the conference. You can read about our experience, and what others got from it here: Buzzing off Employee Engagement … [Read more...]

When to mail, when not to mail

The timing of emailing survey invites and the scheduled reminders is very important. It may appear to be common sense, but putting incentivised surveys aside for a moment, what are do's and don'ts to consider? Firstly, factor in lag time for survey production and launch. Deadlines may well be set in stone at the start of a project, but the availability of those signing off on the content of the … [Read more...]

Measuring workforce diversity


Surveylab officially launched its Diversity Survey for Law Firms this week - John blogged about it back in July - where we are providing a customised, quick and easy survey to help the law firms that are regulated by the SRA to complete the review of diversity in their workplace and submit the results to the SRA. Measuring diversity is similar to conducting any workplace survey, but it has the … [Read more...]

Meet Pinestein #Surveylab-Downtime!

The Moshling designer dress

What: Design a Moshling Exhibition Where: The Strand Gallery, London When: 23rd July 2013 Who: Dan and John (along with a few excited kids) Surveylab were lucky enough to get tickets for Mind Candy's launch night of their first official Moshi Monsters exhibition (perks of the job when you design and host their survey!) In the design a Moshling competition (over 17,000 entries … [Read more...]

Top tips for writing and designing online surveys

Tips for writing online surveys - messy screenshot

One little thing you should do to make your task easier when designing an online survey is layout the questionnaire as it will appear on the screen. This should be done from the very first, rough draft of the questionnaire. Laying out the questions in this way helps enormously to get a feel of the questionnaire, how the questions flow and its logic before it is converted into an online … [Read more...]

Painless diversity surveys for law firms


Surveylab's Solution to Legal Profession's Diversity Dilemma Surveylab has developed a simple and cost effective solution to help legal firms collect diversity data from their workforce to meet the SRA's new requirements for collecting and reporting workforce diversity. All law firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in England and Wales are required to collect diversity … [Read more...]