Round up – a year at Surveylab

On the way up to our company gathering for Christmas lunch I scribbled down my recollection of what we’ve done achieved at Surveylab in 2014. I didn’t make a speech, but I thought the numbers might be of interest to our followers and readers. So here goes:

In 2014 …

We moved into our shiny new offices in Waterloo at the start of the year and welcomed Lindsey. Mark joined us in the summer, and Ricky will be joining us in January.

59 Survey Projects

We managed (or fielded) 59 distinct survey projects in 2014. This includes 10 customer ‘tracking’ surveys that we manage every 2 weeks, monthly or quarterly, and 4 employee ‘pulse’ surveys.

645,000 email addresses

In 2014, we processed a LOT of emails, and taking into account reminder messages and second reminders I think a good estimate of total number of emails sent is probably in the range of 1.2 – 1.4 million. (It is impossible to count the exact number of emails. 1 note: a single client did account for 104,000 email addresses.)

Constant Improvement

Screenshot of our new Business Unit Summary report (example)

Our new Business Unit Summary report (example)

Earlier in the year, we released a major new feature on our online reporting platform – ‘Business Unit Summaries‘. This development evolved from working with 2 clients to provide an easy way to share relevant results very quickly to managers or heads of department/teams etc. The content and the look & feel of these summary reports is all customisable, and this one feature has received so much positive feedback from both old and new users alike that we wish we had recognised this need and launched it sooner. We are continually learning, be it from our clients, literature review, or testing and refining our own methods and processes. I am proud of how Surveylab has gradually evolved and strives to be better each year.

Revisited Colombia!

We have fielded surveys in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Canada, USA, Brazil, India and China this year. We launched a customer survey for a new client in Colombia (through the excellent customer loyalty experts at Customer Care Measurement & Consulting) although this is not the first time we’ve run a survey in South America. Our second ever survey back in 2003 included an office in Colombia too. In January, all being well, we will venture into Bolivia for the first time!

What’s next?

We have been designing surveys with ‘responsive design’ in the last eighteen months to ensure mobile users (e.g. smartphones, iPads and tablets) can also complete user-friendly surveys. Hew is looking at how we can standardise responsive design in our surveys, but it’s probably an ongoing project as technology evolves; as is a lot of behind-the-scenes development to the online reporting platform and updates that help us setup and run surveys more efficiently. (If you are a web developer looking for a new challenge, can you help?) In 2015, we will be introducing new modules for Well-being and Harassment in our employee survey framework, and we have plans to publish our 2015 UK Workplace Study this spring. It promises to be another busy year at Surveylab. Fingers crossed it is a good one. We look forward to working with you in 2015, and wish everyone a happy new year!