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Developing and Driving Staff Engagement in Colleges

Staff Engagement in Colleges: the challenge ahead?

Colleges in the Further Education Sector are under increasing pressure every year to continue to deliver excellent education that will help young adults transition from school into work or university – while facing massive changes to the Sector, and all the time with ever-fewer resources. How do you achieve more with less? It starts with […]


How I persuaded my Finance Director to care about Employee Engagement

In 2004 I was Director of Service Excellence at Eaga, and back then my Finance Director (an often intransigent man who believed engagement was the domain of ‘fluffy HR’ and not the accountants), asked me to prove all this engagement stuff – in fact “show me the money!” I took this as both a challenge […]


Allow customers to give honest feedback

This post was first published in 2010, but I still see this approach six years later and remains as relevant today as it did back then! Point of sale research is pointless! When I picked up my new car from our local dealer a couple of days ago I struggled to suppress a smile when the […]


Presenting Employee Survey Results: Introducing the Score Index

Which sounds better? 25% of employees would definitely recommend their employer as a place to work 60% of employees would recommend their employer as a place to work Both figures are correct. The figures come from our UK Workplace Study (see chart below), but the first reflects the smaller group that feels much more strongly. […]