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Example of (lack of) employee engagement

Caring about our work: Thoughts inspired by #EngageSummits 2016

We spend so much of our time at work, it is crucial that we enjoy it. Work defines us. We talk about ourselves and other people in terms of “what we do”. For example, when we describe our grandparents, we almost certainly use their profession to describe them. Last week, I attended the Employee Engagement […]

Survey result: The senior managers are good role models for upholding the organisation's values

Having a ‘pop’ at senior management

Just one in four HMRC staff have confidence in senior management! This is today’s news in the FT and the Guardian. Sadly, this isn’t extraordinary. Sure, it’s disappointing and the figures sound very low, but these findings are not polar opposite to other organisations, whether in the public sector or a commercial company. There is […]