SAFC Diversity Survey screenshots

Diversity surveys made easy

Surveylab has just completed a fans’ diversity survey for Sunderland AFC. At the business end of the season, while teams are vying for promotion, a place in Europe, or battling to avoid ‘the drop’, Surveylab was racing against the clock to setup and field Sunderland AFC’s Diversity Survey.

To achieve equality in football, it is very important that diversity is monitored to help ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to enjoy their sport, without discrimination – as a fan, staff, support, or player/participant.

This isn’t the first diversity survey we have fielded. In 2012-13, Surveylab worked with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to implement its equality and diversity monitoring in the legal profession. Surveylab collected data from more than 9,000 firms and 100,000 people working in legal services.

On the face of it, a survey measuring diversity is a straight-forward questionnaire to design and manage. However, beware the following points:

  • Double-check reporting requirements with the overseeing body/organisation. You want to make sure your questions and answers meet the criteria.
  • Keep the survey anonymous. If running the survey internally, it is crucial that the survey administrators cannot learn details about any individual who took part in the survey.
  • A diversity survey should only collect data on demographics. Do not expand the questions to collect other feedback.

Looking for help?

If you need another pair of hands to get through your task-list, Surveylab can help with your survey to-do’s. For Sunderland AFC, from initial engagement to survey close and results available took 34 days. Contact us on 020 3137 9422 or email

SAFC Diversity Survey screenshots
Screenshots from our latest diversity survey, for Sunderland AFC