People come to work wanting to do a good job

When we conducted our very first UK Workplace Study back in 2012, one result that surprised me more than others is that employees want to do a good job.

q1402 - Quality Work
Answers to “I am committed to delivering quality work”
UK Workplace Study 2015

Almost 9 in 10 said they are committed to delivering quality work, and some to a greater degree than others. I don’t know why I expected this to be any different to all the employee surveys we had conducted up until then. Perhaps I was thinking all our clients were generally good and so everyone makes an effort and that’s not normal!

But no, this is human nature. When we know what is expected of us (the goal) and how to achieve it (competence) then we will try our best. Other factors then come into play to influence the final outcome, for example time is a common hindrance, or expectation (which is about communication). When these factors are continually negatively impacting on the workplace, then standards fall.

This is just one small example of how we use survey data to measure and develop employee engagement. We look at the ‘outcomes’ – what we see in an engaged workforce, and then examine how various factors influence those outcomes.

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