Monthly Archives: March 2017

Soundbites from the AoC HR Conference

This post was first published in our FE Colleges newsletter Last week, we were at the #AoCHR conference. Even when exhibiting at events, each presentation and breakout session offer opportunities to learn more about our clients, the sector and environment they operate in. It helps us better understand and support our clients and the challenges they […]


Checking in on employee satisfaction

Among the conversations we had this week at #AoCHR was a question about pulse surveys. “We did a big survey at the end of 2015, and we’re not quite ready to repeat it, but we’d like to check on a few things and how we are doing, like a temperature check…” We call this a […]


Employee Survey Project Overview

Whether it has been some time since you last ran a staff survey, or you are looking to check have you got everything covered, use our employee survey project overview below to review and plan the 8 stages that go into delivering a successful employee survey. Download a PDF version by clicking on the image.

22 Upper Ground, London

We have moved!

Today we moved into our new offices over at 22 Upper Ground. They are part of wework, where there is a very vibrant community of all sorts of businesses. Puma’s offices are underneath ours which makes for a convenient reference to look out for! The website is being updated, and I’ll tweet more photos once we’ve found where […]