Checking in on employee satisfaction

Hew at the AoC HR Conference

Among the conversations we had this week at #AoCHR was a question about pulse surveys.

“We did a big survey at the end of 2015, and we’re not quite ready to repeat it, but we’d like to check on a few things and how we are doing, like a temperature check…”

We call this a pulse survey.

Its purpose is to check how employee sentiment, or engagement, has changed in the last few weeks or months, ideally because of actions coming out of the last survey’s results.

The concept of the pulse survey is that it is quick and provides a good indicator on the impact of the action planning and other activities across the organisation. You don’t need (or want) to ask every question again, the questions should be tailored to tracking the impact and the key measures that you report from the full staff survey (e.g. overall satisfaction, sense of pride, etc.)

The frequency of the pulse survey depends on the organisation too. Each organisation moves at different speeds (consider a small start-up versus a local council) – some workplaces use the same quarterly survey and the data feeds into managers’ performance reports and company KPI’s, while others just need some sense of progress in between their bigger, full surveys.

We have helped many organisations with further feedback and pulse surveys between the full staff surveys. Our online reporting makes it easy to compare the results between surveys, and lessons from the pulse survey may also help identify improvements and changes to the bigger staff survey planned later in the year.

As well as pulse surveys, Surveylab build and host online surveys for employee voice, customer experience and other market research. We are always learning and developing our tools and approach. Have questions or looking for more information? Please do get in touch.