UK Workplace Study 2018

In the last 12 months, what changes in your organisation have had the greatest impact in your workplace? (This impact may be positive or negative)

I think of my work as more than ‘just a job’. (Answers from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree)

These are two of the new questions that we are asking in our UK Workplace Study 2018, which Surveylab conducts every two years to provide comparison benchmark data, and help our learning and development with running employee surveys.

Since we last fielded the Workplace Survey we have seen a lot of change across organisations, technology, the economy… What does the average employee in the UK think about their work in 2018?

We intend to find out…

Screenshot from the 2018 survey

Screenshot from this year’s survey


More Information

Our plan is to run the survey over the next few weeks, and then analyse the data and share findings from March 2018. Please get in touch if you have questions.

If we can help you with your next online survey in 2018 – contact us today. Find out about Surveylab’s Employee Survey Framework here.