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UK Workplace Study 2018

In the last 12 months, what changes in your organisation have had the greatest impact in your workplace? (This impact may be positive or negative) I think of my work as more than ‘just a job’. (Answers from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) These are two of the new questions that we are asking in our […]


Employee Survey Project Overview

Whether it has been some time since you last ran a staff survey, or you are looking to check have you got everything covered, use our employee survey project overview below to review and plan the 8 stages that go into delivering a successful employee survey. Download a PDF version by clicking on the image.

Survey result: The senior managers are good role models for upholding the organisation's values

Having a ‘pop’ at senior management

Just one in four HMRC staff have confidence in senior management! This is today’s news in the FT and the Guardian. Sadly, this isn’t extraordinary. Sure, it’s disappointing and the figures sound very low, but these findings are not polar opposite to other organisations, whether in the public sector or a commercial company. There is […]

Developing and Driving Staff Engagement in Colleges

Staff Engagement in Colleges: the challenge ahead?

Colleges in the Further Education Sector are under increasing pressure every year to continue to deliver excellent education that will help young adults transition from school into work or university – while facing massive changes to the Sector, and all the time with ever-fewer resources. How do you achieve more with less? It starts with […]


Presenting Employee Survey Results: Introducing the Score Index

Which sounds better? 25% of employees would definitely recommend their employer as a place to work 60% of employees would recommend their employer as a place to work Both figures are correct. The figures come from our UK Workplace Study (see chart below), but the first reflects the smaller group that feels much more strongly. […]


What is Employee Engagement and how do we measure it?

What does Employee Engagement mean to you? I am willing to bet your answer contains the words commitment and motivated, infers performance and mentions understanding of objectives or the business context. The slide below is from a survey we conducted amongst HR managers and directors in colleges across the UK. It shows a word cloud […]


People come to work wanting to do a good job

When we conducted our very first UK Workplace Study back in 2012, one result that surprised me more than others is that employees want to do a good job. Answers to “I am committed to delivering quality work”UK Workplace Study 2015 Almost 9 in 10 said they are committed to delivering quality work, and some […]


Five tips to increase your survey’s response rate

If you are planning an employee survey in the weeks or months ahead, then a lot of your thinking, time and effort will go into the design of the questionnaire, the reporting and what happens after. Below are five practical tips to make sure the communications to staff about the survey are part of the […]


What is a good response rate for an employee survey?

Is anything less than 90% an acceptable survey response rate?! Why have only 21% completed my survey? Generally, employee surveys get higher response rates than customer or market research surveys*; typically in the range of 50-70%. Mark collated all our employee surveys’ results at Surveylab over a twelve month period to find that our average […]