Case Study:

Tracking Customer Satisfaction at Ideal Heating

Surveylab manages customer surveys for Ideal Heating, the leading UK manufacturer of combi, system and heat-only boilers. Text messages are sent to all customers who have had an engineer visit in the previous month, registering a 20-25% response rate to each online survey.

Diana Daysley, Customer Service Manager at Ideal Boilers, says...


Their reports have taken us to a different level.

We chose Surveylab because we used to do our own customer surveys in-house but we weren't always getting a true picture. Surveylab was recommended to us and, as soon as I spoke to them, I liked the way they were on the phone. They give us advice on how to make things work better and how to get the best response rate.

I like that they're not afraid to tell you how to do things better.

Working with Surveylab is really good. You can ask them for anything, like certain reports or data changes, and they'll always respond well. We added Trustpilot into our surveys, and they suggested ways to make this work so that we're not bombarding customers with texts and annoying our customers.

The value added by using Surveylab's services is that they give us daily reports of how our customers feel and we can jump on it straight away if a customer isn't happy – and that's taken us to a different level.

The reporting by Surveylab is so simple that you can filter the information you need and get to the customer easily, meaning we can give a real human touch. It makes a real difference to our customers because we can react quickly.

I would recommend Surveylab because customer service can be repetitive and Surveylab do this day in and day out. They help you to get what you want, working with you, offering help and support to achieve your aims. They don't take your money and leave you; they work with you and ask if you're happy. They bend over backwards for us, and that shows they're a good company to work with.

And I'd add that Surveylab are easy to work with, which is a bonus, and nothing is too much trouble.

They're also forward-thinking: they'll provide a report but then add a video to show how you can pull the data yourself whenever you need. They'll be in contact with us every month, just to see how we’re doing. They actually care.