Case Study:

Employee Survey for South Gloucestershire and Stroud College

Surveylab has run five employee surveys for South Gloucestershire and Stroud College and the schools that make up its multi-academy trust, that first started back in 2014. Surveylab has also provided independent research to create benchmarking data to understand where South Gloucestershire and Stroud College sits against other colleges.

Moira Foster-Fitzgerald, Chief Group Services Officer and Designated Safeguarding Lead at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, explains...


They gather a huge amount of information and drill down into the data. It's that personal touch - they really go the extra mile.

"Working with Surveylab is so easy."

We chose Surveylab when I came across them working with the Association of Colleges and they were doing exactly what I wanted to do. I've worked in big organisations in the private sector and my experience of the companies that deliver employee engagement surveys is they can be a bit faceless and you don't always get the opportunity to shape the survey. Surveylab understands that value and we continue working with them because we also get the continuity of the same provider and trend analysis with the same benchmarks.

Working with Surveylab is so easy. What I really like is that they are helpful and responsive. You don't feel like just a number. They hold true to the value of what they are doing, and that's important to me.

Things change a lot in education and they're happy to re-map data as required so it makes sense for us. I ask them to translate what I'm seeing to make sure I'm not misinterpreting things. They gather a huge amount of information and they drill down into the data. It's that personal touch – they really go the extra mile.

The value added by using Surveylab's services is that they deliver what we want and they are flexible. For example, if we run the survey and by the end date we need more responses, they'll push encouraging reminder messages to allow us to reach more people. They're not bound by strict procedures. Surveylab make it easy to do business with in terms of what they ask for and what you can request of them.

I would recommend Surveylab because I trust them. They deliver more value than just the price you pay. They also reward your loyalty in consideration of costs, and provide a professional and reliable service, with professional reporting. They do an excellent job.

And I'd add that it's nice working with them! When I call them, they are pleased to hear my voice and I feel welcomed – and you do not get that with everyone, even when you're the customer. They are delightful.