Case Study:

More than 10 years of running research for PLMA

Some ten years ago, the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) asked Surveylab to run a Pan-European consumer study in 13 countries. Since then, we have supported PLMA with many more surveys, providing invaluable research to their members and for their conferences and trade shows.



Joe Azzinaro, Director of Special Projects, PLMA, says...

We've done dozens of surveys with Surveylab around the world. They are a turnkey partner for us and one with impeccable integrity and standards. With each survey, I inevitably learn something new from these guys.

Until 2013, PLMA had enlisted the services of many of the world's research goliaths, from Gallup to Harris to MORI. Their work was predictably outstanding but, as a tiny trade association, we never felt like we were on their A list of clients. That's understandable. We tried a few smaller operations but it wasn't until we met with Surveylab that we felt we'd found a kindred spirit – scrappy and aspirational.

Dozens of surveys later, we could not be more pleased with our relationship.

They are a true partner, unlike some of the big boys, they meet, even exceed, deadlines; they provide thoroughly understandable data sets, and they are up to any last minute client change. Their best ability is their availability.

There is no bureaucracy. There's Dan and there's Hew and they speak and act as one. Further, their own resources and vendors are worldwide and they, too, are outstanding.

Not saying they are wizards, but there's a lot behind the curtain.

We would recommend Surveylab because …
One senses they’ve done the kind of survey that you’re looking for before, however arcane and specific it may be.

And did it well.

Example: we did a survey in the US of food stamp beneficiaries. It’s a politically fraught program and we expected them to be a difficult group to identify, much less query. No problem, Surveylab delivered.

The most recent work, on Gen Z, also appeared to be problematic. "That cohort does not respond," some told us.

No problem, again Surveylab delivered.

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