Surveylab’s Employee Survey Framework

Developed over 10 years of fielding consumer, employee and market research studies, Surveylab’s Employee Survey Framework is used by SME/international/large commercial companies and across colleges, local councils and in the NHS, and various charities (local and international).

The framework will:

  • Highlight areas of excellence in your organisation and where improvement is needed
  • Identify what motivates and drives your staff in the workplace
  • Identify what has the greatest impact to improve engagement across your organisation

Our survey framework is just that – a framework. It is not part of a methodology to adopt and force a particular direction in your organisation. The data (results) will inform you on strengths and weaknesses, where to focus, confirm (or question) what you suspect anecdotally, and so on.

The questions can be customised and added-to to more closely meet any additional objectives you need from the employee feedback.


Our employee survey template comprises 3 types of question:

  • “Measures” or outcomes – what we are looking for in engaged staff (e.g. commitment, sense of pride, enjoyment)
  • “Drivers” – these are the factors that influence those measures (e.g. teamwork, communication, recognition)
  • Open-ended questions – these verbatim comments are used to help further understand why people answer in the way they do and provide an explanation or examples to support the numbers

There are 55 statements in the survey. From the results, we can then identify current levels of engagement across your organisation and understand how and why it differs between departments and locations.

How do you compare? Benchmarking

Online reporting provides access to results in an easy-to-understand format, and can be broken down by unlimited demographics (for example, region and location/department/management level/employment type) enabling you to explore and find answers simply and quickly.

Our key driver analysis identifies what is currently driving engagement in your organisation and what will have greatest impact to improve engagement. The survey results helps pinpoint where and how to focus efforts.

Reports provide internal benchmarking (highlight areas of excellence or where improvement is needed) and trending to track performance and impact of programmes over time. Benchmark data from Surveylab’s UK Workplace Study brings additional insight to your results.

Working with Surveylab

The survey is a tool only! Surveylab is more than a software service – we offer expert support and guidance, from planning and implementation to action planning after the survey has closed and reports published.

Employee Survey Framework - Surveylab's 9 steps
The 9 stages of implementing an Employee Survey

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