We love asking questions.

When we ask the right questions, we know we'll get the right answers.

Surveylab is a specialist online survey company. We're based in London and work with clients all over the UK, Europe and the US.

Our background is in research, data and IT. We were there when the Internet was in its infancy – coding the first wave of online public surveys.
And after 20 years in the survey business, we know a thing or two about asking questions.

Results-driven, human insights

Feedback from customers or employees can provide a wealth of invaluable, insight-driven data.

Our job is to uncover it. To present it clearly and simply, so it's easy to see the best way forward.

As our MD puts it, "We aren't techies using machines to collect data; we're techies using machines to gather insights."

But, the end goal isn't the survey results; it’s the difference we can make to your teams, customers, businesses and organisation as a whole.

Online surveys the Surveylab way

It starts with going deeper to understand you and your operation.

What do you need to know? What do you already know? (And what don't you need to know?)

The closer we can work together, the better the brief, and ultimately, the better the results.

That's why we act as part of our clients' research team – a partner, rather than a 3rd party service provider.

The Surveylab team

We love the creative challenge of producing meaningful data that has a positive impact for our clients.

We're a team of researchers, data analysts and IT experts – but we're human and approachable.

There are four of us on the team today. Sometimes we’re a little bigger, bringing in extra brainpower to meet demand when it's needed.

Dan Wardle

Founder and Managing Director

I started my career in software houses, working for retail and financial service companies. I travelled extensively across Europe, USA and Australia, before joining research agency, TARP, in 1999.

This was back when research was still printed in reports thicker than phone directories. The Internet was taking off, and I wrote an online survey platform that was adopted by a few forward-thinking organisations, like Vodafone and lastminute.com.

In 2003 I founded Surveylab with the goal of providing the best online survey tool – greater flexibility, better service levels and true insights. Two and a half years later, we found our niche in outsourced survey programming, and almost 20 years on, this is still the space we're in.

My role today is very much client facing, delivering results to HR Managers, Marketing Directors and Boards of Directors. You'll also still find me happily writing database queries and applying the 'format table' feature in Microsoft Excel.

Hew Whitefoord

Production Lead

After a post grad degree at UCL, I joined TARP in 1996. I started in a desktop publishing role before moving into the research and consultancy parts of the business. 

After taking time travelling, I joined Surveylab in 2005. 

In the early days, there was a lot of hand-coding HTML and JavaScript, and quality assurance testing. Over time, we developed our process and code, adding automation and new features while deepening our understanding of what clients need from their data. 

My current role covers survey setup and project management including various customer satisfaction and customer tracking for our clients. I'm really proud of the work we do and our track record with returning customers.