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UK Workplace Study 2018

In the last 12 months, what changes in your organisation have had the greatest impact in your workplace? (This impact may be¬†positive or negative) I think of my work as more than ‘just a job’. (Answers from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) These are two of the new questions that we are asking in our […]

Survey result: The senior managers are good role models for upholding the organisation's values

Having a ‘pop’ at senior management

Just one in four HMRC staff have confidence in senior management! This is today’s news in the FT and the Guardian. Sadly, this isn’t extraordinary. Sure, it’s disappointing and the figures sound very low, but these findings are not polar opposite to other organisations, whether in the public sector or a commercial company. There is […]


People come to work wanting to do a good job

When we conducted our very first UK Workplace Study back in 2012, one result that surprised me more than others is that employees want to do a good job. Answers to “I am committed to delivering quality work”UK Workplace Study 2015 Almost 9 in 10 said they are committed to delivering quality work, and some […]


How we conduct our UK Workplace Study

Surveylab conducted its UK Workplace Study for the third time in 2015. The survey was conducted amongst a random selection of people living and working in the UK via a research panel. This year, the survey was opened-up to include part-time employees and, as in past years, the participants come from a range of industry […]


Engagement is a commitment… not a one night stand

Our UK Workplace Study was conducted during spring-summer 2015. There is no single statement or question that can declare how engaged an organisation’s workforce is. We look at a range of factors …